Acquire all the advantages of multi-touch screen

Acquire all the advantages of multi-touch screen

This multi-touch screen can be used to enlarge, shrink, change position digital signage Malaysia, and move the position of objects on the monitor screen such as photos or games. This multi-touch screen is commonly used on cell phones, computers, MP3 players, and so on.

One screen that supports multi-touch screens is a capacitive screen. Devices with capacitive screens do not work when pressed, this type of screen relies on a conductor electrode sensor, such as our fingers. This capacitive screen is still good to see in the sun. Just a light touch can immediately activate the screen. This capacitive screen has no effect if the screen condition is dirty. Unfortunately the price of a capacitive screen is more expensive than a resistive screen.

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Multi-touch screen: devices and applications

When you press the screen with your finger, the two metal sheets fuse and an electric current is generated upon contact smart digital signage, which indicates to the device where the point of contact is set. The advantage of 5-wire resistive touch technology is that you can control or control using any object, whether it is a finger, a pencil, a stylus or a glove. All it takes is a precise pressure point on the screen. Another advantage of this technology is that it is the cheapest and lowest power consumption. The 5-wire resistive touch screen is also resistant to liquids and surface contaminants such as moisture, dust, grease and oil.

Previously, these technologies were very expensive, and delivery times very long. Now, however, any screen can be converted into a frame. As for the screens that are already touch of origin, many of them are still LCD. The resolution of either of these two types depends directly on the screen that is used. 

Another type of screen is touch foil membranes, a capacitive surface technology (like that of telephones). This allows screens to be installed outside the store, for example.

A good way to transform surfaces is with the Windows Kinect. It is not the most accurate either the Rev, but it is interesting because it is placed in front of where you want to make the projection and the contraption builds a three-dimensional image. Since the Kinect recognizes depths, it recognizes the hand near the screen.

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Another technology is a box with a sensor that is placed in front of the screen, and when you insert your hand into it, without actually touching the screen, a reader is activated. This allows the manipulation of objects within the same screen.

The small screens are reserved for ATMs and self-help panels. Many are optimal for points of sale, such as restaurants where orders are raised. The trend is now towards larger products, such as a kiosk where interactive maps and advertising can be viewed. A more striking and not so operative idea.

Finally, there are the interactive tables. Tables for restaurants were featured at DSE’s Las Vegas show where the order is placed directly on the glass surface. Other examples of this format can be seen in showrooms where information is displayed in a much more attractive way. An example of this is the real estate sector, where real estate development plans and business plans are already being worked on in this way.¬†