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From valet parking to catering, we ensure that your experience with us is bound to reach the heights of satisfaction. 

Valet Parking
Valet Parking

Providing a layer of safety and comfort from the very moment you enter our premises with a view to uphold our standards.

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Full Bar Service
Full Bar Service

A complete and reliable service that never goes out of style as it is catered to meet the many needs of the human mind.

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Hit your taste buds with a new recipe or a new meal as our catering services are known to go all out in making you

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Graceland Oaks Event Center

The platform that is ready to host several events and programs.


Make your special day a bit more special by letting our venue take over your wedding and completing things in a manner of your choice.

Team Outing Party
Team Outing Party

The party that is bound to become a trend requires many people because the rest is all set up and ready for action.

Team Outing Party
Corporate Event
Corporate Event

Analyze strategies and conduct annual meetings at our venue as we move forward to make it all happen for your organization.

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Helium LongFi Cryptocurrency

Helium LongFi Cryptocurrency
Helium longFi is a cryptocurrency that uses data credits. Data credits are used to pay
transaction costs on the Helium blockchain. The main purpose of HNT is to serve as a medium
of exchange for data the hypercommunity. The supply of HNT is fixed at one billion at a time and is cut in half every
two years. This allows for the currency to react quickly to changes in the network. The HNT
token is only one of the many cryptocurrencies that use the Burn-And-Mint equilibrium.

Helium crypto - Is Helium Crypto a Good Investment?
The HNT token is available on several notable cryptocurrency exchanges. Bybit, one of the
fastest cryptocurrency exchanges, has two types of investments in the HNT token. The first type
is to purchase HNT with fiat money hyperverse ecosystem, while the other is to invest directly in HNT. HNT is traded on
major cryptocurrency exchanges as well as on exchanges in many other countries. The price of
HNT hit a three-year high in August after a USD 111 million token sale.
A hardware wallet is another option. These wallets are secure, and they allow you to store your
HNT offline. However, they are costly and require more technical knowledge. However, they
may be more suitable for larger amounts of HNT. If you want to invest your HNT in a hardware
wallet, the best option is to use one of the many available services. One of the most popular

wallets is Kriptomat. Its secure storage solution combines enterprise-grade security and user-
friendly functionality.

Helium Mining: How to Mine Helium Coin — Helium Hotspot Miner

A blockchain based on the Proof of Coverage (PoC) network requires a supply of HNT to
operate. In order to use the PoC network, you must mine HNT or acquire it from a local owner.
When you earn HNT, you receive Data Credits. Using the Proof-of-Concept method, you can
even earn HNT for being a Hotspot. These are used as a medium of exchange in a network.
After the launch of the mainnet in 2019, HNT crypto price hovered around the $1 mark for almost
a year. Helium was laying the foundations for its network in different parts of the world. In

September 2020, HNT’s price breached the $2 mark. In February 2021, the coin joined a market-
wide uptrend and surged to a high of $24 by late May.

Helium (HNT) has a promising future. It is likely to rally higher. Right now, the currency is trading
sideways between resistance and support at $6.67. It may bottom out in the near term, but it has
lost 76.3% since its ICO in 2012. If the price rises significantly, Helium will become a valuable
investment for many. It’s possible to make a fortune with HNT.

The Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid For Skin Firming

The Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid For Skin
Alpha lipoic acid is a powerful substance that has many benefits for the skin. It is a powerful
antioxidant and reduces cellular inflammation beauty device, and also protects against free radicals. Also
known as an “universal antioxidant,” this substance provides benefits to both the interior and
exterior of cell structures, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while protecting the
skin from the damaging effects of free radicals. In skincare products, alpha lipoic acid is often a
key ingredient.

Alpha Lipoic Acid For Skin: What It Is, Benefits, Side Effects
DMAE is a common ingredient in skin firming products. It is naturally present in fish and may
also be found in the human brain. It acts as a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine,
responsible for cell communication. It is also known as a potent antioxidant. DMAE can firm skin,
reduce sagging, smooth discoloration, and promote overall skin health.
Although it is not clear whether resveratrol can help with skin firming, it can certainly improve the
texture of skin. You can use resveratrol supplements in place of your current skin care products,
or you can add resveratrol to a new product. Just like any other skin care product, resveratrol
does not produce overnight miracles. One study showed a significant reduction in fine lines and
an improved skin texture after twelve weeks. The results, however, were not consistent and
required sixty days of use to see the full effect.
Hyaluronic acid
Adding hyaluronic acid to your skincare regimen can reduce the appearance of fine lines and
wrinkles. This powerful antioxidant helps to protect the lipid barrier in the skin and improve skin’s
defenses against environmental aggressors. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body, but
its levels begin to decline as we get older. However, environmental factors can speed up the
aging process. Here are some of the benefits of hyaluronic acid for skin firming.

The Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid: A Skin Care Must-Have?
Salicylic acid
Unlike other acids, salicylic acid has a fatty acid structure that allows it to better penetrate the
skin. This makes it ideal for the treatment of wrinkles, as it helps remove dead skin cells that can
clog the pores. While it might be effective for a short period of time, the results of applying
salicylic acid to your skin will not be visible for a few weeks. If you’re not seeing any results in a
reasonable amount of time, you may want to talk with your skincare practitioner about a different
form of the acid or consult with a dermatologist. They will know what dosage is right for your skin
type, and can prescribe a salicylic acid cream that is suited for your needs.

There are many benefits of niacinamide for skin firming, which makes it an excellent choice for
facial creams. It is safe and effective on all skin types, including dry or sensitive. Niacinamide
reduces blotchiness and redness, and is ideal as a topical skin care ingredient. It is also known
to combat UV radiation, which accelerates the skin’s ageing process. Exposure to UV rays
causes age spots and wrinkles, as well as damaging DNA. It can also lead to skin cancer.
Retinol is a popular ingredient in anti-aging skincare products, which helps stimulate skin cell
turnover, improve the microenvironment of the dermis and decrease the appearance of fine lines
and wrinkles. Different retinols have different effects and tolerability, but they all have the same
basic function: to improve skin firmness. Retinoids increase skin cell turnover and improve the
production of collagen and elastin, which results in smoother, firmer skin. Some retinoids can
also reduce the appearance of pigmentation and cystic acne, and even out skin tone.
Ascorbic acid
As we get older, our production of collagen decreases. In fact, it falls by about 1% every year
beginning at age twenty. Recent studies have revealed that L-ascorbic acid plays a role in the
production of collagen. Collagen is a substance that forms cross-linked fibers deep in the skin.
These fibers provide structure and elasticity to the skin. When you use topical ascorbic acid
products, they will penetrate the skin’s layers.

Acquire all the advantages of multi-touch screen

Acquire all the advantages of multi-touch screen

This multi-touch screen can be used to enlarge, shrink, change position digital signage Malaysia, and move the position of objects on the monitor screen such as photos or games. This multi-touch screen is commonly used on cell phones, computers, MP3 players, and so on.

One screen that supports multi-touch screens is a capacitive screen. Devices with capacitive screens do not work when pressed, this type of screen relies on a conductor electrode sensor, such as our fingers. This capacitive screen is still good to see in the sun. Just a light touch can immediately activate the screen. This capacitive screen has no effect if the screen condition is dirty. Unfortunately the price of a capacitive screen is more expensive than a resistive screen.

Interactive Touch Screens - Innovative Solutions

Multi-touch screen: devices and applications

When you press the screen with your finger, the two metal sheets fuse and an electric current is generated upon contact smart digital signage, which indicates to the device where the point of contact is set. The advantage of 5-wire resistive touch technology is that you can control or control using any object, whether it is a finger, a pencil, a stylus or a glove. All it takes is a precise pressure point on the screen. Another advantage of this technology is that it is the cheapest and lowest power consumption. The 5-wire resistive touch screen is also resistant to liquids and surface contaminants such as moisture, dust, grease and oil.

Previously, these technologies were very expensive, and delivery times very long. Now, however, any screen can be converted into a frame. As for the screens that are already touch of origin, many of them are still LCD. The resolution of either of these two types depends directly on the screen that is used. 

Another type of screen is touch foil membranes, a capacitive surface technology (like that of telephones). This allows screens to be installed outside the store, for example.

A good way to transform surfaces is with the Windows Kinect. It is not the most accurate either the Rev, but it is interesting because it is placed in front of where you want to make the projection and the contraption builds a three-dimensional image. Since the Kinect recognizes depths, it recognizes the hand near the screen.

What No Touch Technology Way of You | Share Powered

Another technology is a box with a sensor that is placed in front of the screen, and when you insert your hand into it, without actually touching the screen, a reader is activated. This allows the manipulation of objects within the same screen.

The small screens are reserved for ATMs and self-help panels. Many are optimal for points of sale, such as restaurants where orders are raised. The trend is now towards larger products, such as a kiosk where interactive maps and advertising can be viewed. A more striking and not so operative idea.

Finally, there are the interactive tables. Tables for restaurants were featured at DSE’s Las Vegas show where the order is placed directly on the glass surface. Other examples of this format can be seen in showrooms where information is displayed in a much more attractive way. An example of this is the real estate sector, where real estate development plans and business plans are already being worked on in this way. 

Digital Signage: A Way Of Creative Advertisement 

Digital Signage: A Way Of Creative Advertisement 

The brands need strong marketing of their products to grow in the market. It is the branding of a product in the market glass manufacturer in malaysia , which helps it grow and be recognizable. The consumer is looking forward to a creative advertisement for a product because creativity defines how good the product can be.

Screenly - How to make a digital signage advertising network


Types of digital signage

Before introducing their product, a company advertises it for a long time so that the user gets a hold of it. They keep on flashing their features and their impact on a user and his daily life smart glass window. The user is made to see that advertisement to get his attraction. When a user gets attached to the advertisement, he is more likely to research its market reputation. It created a sense of eagerness in the minds of a user. Digital signage is the latest trend in marketing and advertising in the industry. The user is more attracted to such signage advertisements because it directly impacts his mindset, and accordingly, the user makes up his mind to purchase that product. It can be found that digital signage is of two types:

  • Outdoor: In outdoor digital signage, the brands take up huge digital screens outside in open where there are many crowds and display the advertisement about their product in the open. Time Square in New York is the best example of this, as you may find brands showcasing their latest innovations to get more user engagement.
  • Indoor: Here, the advertisement is done right in front of the user. The user is made to watch the advertisement by not asking them to watch directly. The best example is a shopping mall billing counter. You can always find huge digital screens behind the cashier, which has all the advertisements playing. It takes four to five minutes per customer for billing, and till then, the only option a customer has is to watch that advertisement on the screen. If the customer likes it, then he may inquire about it or research it on his own.

8 Types of Effective Outdoor Advertising - Unlimited Graphic Design Service


Advantages of digital signage

Along with being creative and customer attractive chiefway smart glass, digital signage has many advantages:

  • Creative: It is a creative way of advertising products and the latest inventions by a particular company.
  • Interaction: Digital signage makes the user interactive by dropping an inquiry email with the brand and its parent company.
  • Brand development: The major advantage is increased brand name in the minds of a consumer. When the consumer looks at the advertisement many times, it creates an image of the brand in their mind.
  • Integration: the advertisement can be integrated with other devices such as a mobile phone or laptop. People who create social media stories click a picture of that place and post it, and it creates an identity in the mind of a consumer.


Digital signage is very important for new and developing brands. These brands take advantage of such technology to promote their product and create a brand recall value. The major advantage to a company is that they reach a wider area of audience with digital signage, which means more user engagement.

best conference system in Malaysia/Asia

best conference system in Malaysia/Asia


Having a conference hall system in your indoor make you discuss professional business tactics privately with your partners. The requirements of the conference room are totally different from other halls. A good conference hall is an interpretation of many provisions that your partners look for green touch products. To make sure that you have chosen the perfect hall, go through the list of requirements given below in this article. In Malaysia, there are many conference halls available for businessmen to talk about corporate meetings. The venue available here will be perfect and comfortable for you with all facilities. So whenever you tried to make a meeting with your partners, then you can visit the venue anytime. Here in Malaysia, you can attain and plan for meetings easily. Basically, a good conference hall should contain all the facilities and convince the people. It also has proper air conditioning, comfort seats, luxury tables, projectors, sound systems, etc. here; you can get this kind of facility with a pleasant atmosphere. It may be indoor or outdoor here in Malaysia; you can attire any time for your business meetings. Look up this article and get more information and details about the perfect best conference system here in Malaysia.

3 July 2019: First Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) Meeting @ Ilmuan 1,  UTM KL | Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable  Development (SATREPS) Malaysia


Facilities available here 


Here when it comes to knowing about facilities, the conference system in Malaysia gives the best infrastructure and venue to the peoples. Here the hall is large enough to control the expected crowd of your conference. Basically, small halls don’t be comfortable for many more peoples. So give a clear look at choosing the conference hall in Malaysia and pick up your right hall based on the capacity of people. Here the wall structures are surrounded by glass, which is also soundproof. So no voices go outside rather than the hall. Therefore the seating arrangements will be really good. To get a clear conversation, a perfect sound system has been installed for you. By this, you can get the clear vocals effectively. So if you want to use the internet, then you can connect your device with free WiFi available here. Here the high-speed internet connection allows multiple users to connect at the same time during the meeting hours. So, therefore, you No need to look for a beautiful venue for a meeting while you are looking for the conference room. Just keep a check over the technical installations that are necessary for your even3 July 2019: First Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) Meeting @ Ilmuan 1,  UTM KL | Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable  Development (SATREPS) Malaysiat held in Malaysia.


Projectors and screens 


Projectors and screens are the most important ones in the meeting halls. So that It might be possible that you are compelled to make some international calls. Thus, a video conversation is definitely due in such situations, so you have to converse with the person online. This is mostly a favored mode of conversation for most of the companies who want to cut down the cost. Make a link where you could have full access to the internet while your conference is going in full flow. This will give you large flexibility during the meeting session. So that they are sure that such an arrangement is available within the venue.

Buying Off The Best Weighted Blankets For Kids

The uses of weighted blankets

Weighted blankets are preferred homely items these days that are preferred by people dealing with anxiety and depression issues. These blankets weigh a minimum of 10% of the bodyweight by the name. Hence, they offer a tight grasp and hold to the users getting wrapped within it. The grasp offered by them releases important body chemicals to reduce anxiety and tension and provide a feeling of a warm hug. Thus, this article elucidates more on buying best-weighted blankets for kids.

A sweeping is one such blessing that is consistently on the first spot on the list of baby’s endowments. Not simply does this warm piece unwind and deal with his delicate skin. In any case, it moreover offers the infant a feeling of bias. 

Buying the best blankets

The most commonplace sorts of child covers are infant quilts and wrapping up the cover. The wrapping up cover is utilized for bending around the kid; the typical one is utilized to cover infants and the new-borns. Blankets are typically utilized as bed cloths in the bassinet or on the flooring. Select the ideal kind even for best baby stroller! Customization genuinely improves the present than its cash’s worth. Guardians love to esteem presents individualized in their infants’ names for a long time to come. The youngster, as well, would wish to keep the present for all time, for memories; purpose. For just a few dollars extra, the current winds up being a token item that can’t be immediately separated.

You may accept that these tweaked infant covers are more expensive as contrasted and regular. That is a blunder. Most ordinary covers cost more than customized ones. A reason exists to help that reality. The guardians’ way of life While picking a gifting thing, there are not many things compulsory to be remembered. First and principal, the way of life of the guardians. The way of life varies from infant appearance. 


The factors to be considered

Though there would be many options available in the market currently, one has to select the perfect type of weighted blanket for the kids to benefit them. Therefore, the following are some of the vital ones to procure the best-weighted blankets for kids: –

  • The material of the blanket and the heat properties possessed by it to offer the required warmth to the kids
  • The compactness of the same and if it does not suffocate the kids much during their uses 
  • The type of applications for which the blanket is meant and if the same can resonate with the condition of the kid
  • The brand value of the manufacturer and the years of experience held by it in this field
  • The skin-friendliness of the material, such that it does not react with the kid’s skin
  • The overall costs of the procurement and the discounts offered 


Now the ordering of weighted blankets for kids has become very easy due to the internet age. One can easily visit the preferred e-commerce website, select the required quantity and type of the product, and then follow the other online shopping steps to get the best at their doorsteps.

Methods to Increase Brand Awareness through Advertising

The Process of Creating an Advertisement in 9 Simple Steps

When among those very important characters from the annals of advertisements said that he probably knew it will soon be important for quite a while in the future. With no powerful brand image and individuality, companies and businesses can’t be sustainable or experience development. As a company owner, even if you’d like to establish your brand, you will want to develop awareness concerning it.

Require any worldwide Recognized emblem as an instance, Nike’s Swoosh or even McDonald’s designs, and they’re typical now recognizable brands because of powerful comprehension targets.

Ostensibly, when you Consider going big along with your small enterprise, you need to start looking for techniques to fortify your new identity. This is only going to happen whenever your audience can connect and relate solely with this new, and so becomes more comfortable with it. The more folks begin to comprehend it, the easier it’s going to be to gain his or her confidence.

With a concentrated online marketing & multi business system approach, you could find the desirable outcome and boost brand awareness. Below are several approaches in which that you may test out!

Economy Your Particular Contain

It’s essential that Your clients can tell why are your business and brand stand aside from the remainder of the

Boost and emphasize What makes you different and unique from the other folks. When it is a product or a service which you’re just posing from the current marketplace, make an advertisement campaign across that.

Your Distinctive attribute May likewise be reflected in your institution’s logo design even whether it’s an advertisement business’s logo, packaging, and digital image. What’s more, besides, it is worth it to find some good guidance about just what best to design a marketing logo fit-for effort substances. This can require your online marketing business farther and help the audience comprehend you’re new readily.

Some companies also Develop with their distinctive signature and styles to find the eye of their prospective audience.

You can add a mascot, Humor, or design part that joins with individuals and stay inside their memory.

Consider it as Establishing a tone of voice for their brand. Target, KFC, and Slack are still only a couple of big names that have been able to earn a mark by enticing the clients in this manner.

Top 5 Social Media Tips for Start-ups | Features | Social Media Management  | MN2S

Run Social Media Campaigns

You May Have frequently Come across many different brands and organizations running competitions and announcing giveaways on both social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

This Is a Great way to Create new awareness and get in touch with people wide and far. With a contest or giveaway, you’re going to have the ability to interact with the consumers and help them get to understand your service or product.

Social media has Turned into an extremely practical tool for organizations nowadays, especially tiny ones and start-ups. It permits them to construct their new identity without having to spend a large amount of these advertising budget. Social media marketing tools could get this process simpler for you.


Wedding Venue

How To Choose A Proper Wedding Venue?

Your wedding is probably the best day of your life, probably until your firstborn is welcomed to the earth. Figuring out a wedding venue is one of the most important steps when it comes to your wedding journey. In this guide, I will be giving you some pointers as to how you can choose a wedding venue, properly. If you already have a venue in mind, you should make sure that your spouse is okay with and you. In a lot of cases, people would have dreams of getting married in a certain spot, their whole lives. If you want to get married over a cliff, you should find a couple of spots that do weddings in such places. It is all about communication. Make sure that your significant other is included in the decision. It is their wedding day as well, and they should be happy, just as happy as you.

The venue will actually select the tone for your event. Whether you go to a beautiful ballroom or even a casual beach, you both should be okay with it. You do not have to choose a wedding venue based on the opinion of the public. You should choose one that is satisfactory to both of you. The process can be a daunting one. We need to decide if you want a small wedding or a big wedding. Another thing that you should think about is if you want an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding. You should note all of these down, before you start choosing a location.

How about you start by choosing a general location for your wedding? It can be your hometown or your significant other’s home town. Or, I can be your favourite vacation spot. Whatever it is, you need to choose a general location, like a city or town.

vacation spot

After you have chosen a general location, you should figure your budget out. How much can you afford to spend on your location? In the United States of America, couples have been known to spend around $5000 on the venue alone. Some couples spend even $20,000, if they have an expensive taste.

After you have chosen a budget, you should come up with an estimated guest number. You should know how many people will be attending your wedding. You should also see if the amount of people who are being invited can be facilitated by the wedding venue. Some venues have a guest limit. You should make sure that you meet their restriction amount. For example, some people get married on a yacht or a boat, and they have a limit as to how many can come on-board.

Make sure that you visit the venue before you pay the deposit.