Digital Signage: A Way Of Creative Advertisement 

Digital Signage: A Way Of Creative Advertisement 

The brands need strong marketing of their products to grow in the market. It is the branding of a product in the market glass manufacturer in malaysia , which helps it grow and be recognizable. The consumer is looking forward to a creative advertisement for a product because creativity defines how good the product can be.

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Types of digital signage

Before introducing their product, a company advertises it for a long time so that the user gets a hold of it. They keep on flashing their features and their impact on a user and his daily life smart glass window. The user is made to see that advertisement to get his attraction. When a user gets attached to the advertisement, he is more likely to research its market reputation. It created a sense of eagerness in the minds of a user. Digital signage is the latest trend in marketing and advertising in the industry. The user is more attracted to such signage advertisements because it directly impacts his mindset, and accordingly, the user makes up his mind to purchase that product. It can be found that digital signage is of two types:

  • Outdoor: In outdoor digital signage, the brands take up huge digital screens outside in open where there are many crowds and display the advertisement about their product in the open. Time Square in New York is the best example of this, as you may find brands showcasing their latest innovations to get more user engagement.
  • Indoor: Here, the advertisement is done right in front of the user. The user is made to watch the advertisement by not asking them to watch directly. The best example is a shopping mall billing counter. You can always find huge digital screens behind the cashier, which has all the advertisements playing. It takes four to five minutes per customer for billing, and till then, the only option a customer has is to watch that advertisement on the screen. If the customer likes it, then he may inquire about it or research it on his own.

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Advantages of digital signage

Along with being creative and customer attractive chiefway smart glass, digital signage has many advantages:

  • Creative: It is a creative way of advertising products and the latest inventions by a particular company.
  • Interaction: Digital signage makes the user interactive by dropping an inquiry email with the brand and its parent company.
  • Brand development: The major advantage is increased brand name in the minds of a consumer. When the consumer looks at the advertisement many times, it creates an image of the brand in their mind.
  • Integration: the advertisement can be integrated with other devices such as a mobile phone or laptop. People who create social media stories click a picture of that place and post it, and it creates an identity in the mind of a consumer.


Digital signage is very important for new and developing brands. These brands take advantage of such technology to promote their product and create a brand recall value. The major advantage to a company is that they reach a wider area of audience with digital signage, which means more user engagement.